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Nabil Fekir – French Forward Fiasco

With the summer transfer window no more than three weeks old, Liverpool Football Club have once again found themselves involved in the most bizarre, mind-boggling, and Liverpool-like saga imaginable. Barely a week ago, Nabil Fekir was on the brink of bolstering Jürgen Klopp’s squad in a deal worth marginally north of £40m. Yet in circumstances quite frankly unknown to us all, the French club released another ever frequent statement declaring an end to any negotiations. There and then, it seemed set in stone that their talisman would not be heading to Merseyside. A week on from the complications of stock prices, dodgy knees and fee renegotiations, Liverpool find themselves in a state of uncertainty with alternative avenues slowly fizzling away.

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What happens now?

Despite a medical calamity, all hope is not lost. Some reports suggest that Nabil Fekir could still be Liverpool’s next marquee signing before the close of the window. Whatever the current state of play, Liverpool cannot afford to waste any time. With the risk of increased price tags, the club must act quickly and efficiently in order to avoid repeats of El Hadji Diouf and Divock Origi, although it’s perhaps too soon to judge the Belgian. Whilst the prospect of seeing Nabil line up alongside Naby seems slim, nothing is certain.

Liverpool Twitter is one of the most excited timelines on the platform. Any notification from a respected journalist linking the club with a new player will always be enough to send supporters into instant hysteria. Roughly one week ago Reddy, Pearce, Joyce and others gave us hope of seeing a Fabinho, Keita and Fekir midfield trio marching around Anfield next season. Merely days later, and with little explanation, that dream was taken from us.

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Now, I am not for one second suggesting that we simply throw aside the word of our Twitter cult heroes, but instead take their present-day silence as a blessing in disguise. Although we all love a good saga, we also all love a Fabinho and Firmino type deal. No fuss. No hassle. No emotional trauma. And crucially, no media build up. I for one have been guilty of getting caught up in the “aggressive” transfer window hype and whilst there is still time for that to ring true, we’re undeniably at risk of repeating past failures where promise and talk have not been met with action.

Despite the embarrassing Virgil van Dijk saga, media outlets haven’t learnt anything. Although as fans we all want to be in the loop, the integrity and reputation of the club should not be risked for the sake of transfer rumour. Over the coming days and weeks, it is likely that media outlets will churn out the same old recycled stories.

“Shut up and enjoy the World Cup! Stop complaining about transfers,” I hear some of you cry despite the fact that the inevitable end of World Cup will be met with sheer panic if it’s not followed by more business.

“The club can’t do any business during the World Cup,” some of you shout as Liverpool’s main goalkeeping target, Alisson Becker, takes another step closer to the Santiago Bernabéu.

Still, others insist the club are using this time to asses alternative options to Nabil Fekir, even as Thomas Lemar is announced as an Atletico Madrid player and Hakim Ziyech potentially on his way to AS Roma.

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Although the World Cup undoubtedly causes distraction and delay, the suggestion that the world of transfers stands still during this time is far from the truth. While t is difficult to get deals over the line, it is not impossible to lay the foundations.

So where do we go from here? Well, whilst the Nabil Fekir saga remains without a definitive answer, there’s little we can do. As supporters, it is important to not believe everything that we read. Much will be nonsense during the World Cup. Local journalists are unlikely to receive information regularly also.

All that’s left to do is enjoy the World Cup. Before you know it, business will be completed at some stage. With weeks to go, we progress with optimism. There’s plenty still to happen and plenty of time for it to happen in.

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